Vello Systems is a privately held Silicon Valley company that has successfully fulfilled Open Networking’s long-held promise of delivering simplified Enterprise application deployment while concurrently improving application availability, all at a fraction of the cost of legacy vendors’ solutions.

The company’s VellOS software suite is based on ONF (Open Networking Foundation) standards – Vello is a charter member of the Foundation — and is uniquely delivering applications and unified control of both standards-based Ethernet and optical data center switching assets using an SDN (software-defined networking) framework.

Doing so allows Vello to radically simplify data center server and storage infrastructure internetworking, and deliver optimized solutions for latency-sensitive applications, such as content delivery, storage replication, big data connections and cloud services.

Vello has a well-established quality and reliability track record, delivering scalable networking solutions to enterprises and service providers in North America and Europe with thousands of systems in service, and a reputation for the last four years as the top vendor to one of the largest carriers in the United States.

Vello is a global leader in delivering standards-based Open Networking software to automate and pass the control of multi-technology networks over to the applications that depend on them. By doing so, Vello makes the network simple, cost effective and truly reliable for the very first time.

Vello enables CIOs and IT architects to successfully navigate the complexities of the intersection between Big Data and the network by providing unparalleled application availability to users at a fraction of current costs. With Vello, IT compute and storage resources can be responsive to evolving business needs on a real-time basis, and Vello offers open APIs that can be easily integrated into existing orchestration layers. Vello also enables IT to make large-scale changes, such as adding new data centers or business applications without long, expensive planning and transition cycles. This new approach of aligning resources to application needs changes the economics of the data center from being almost entirely capital-driven to operating-expense driven.

Vello Customers

Vello solutions are currently deployed with blue chip Fortune 500 customers in extremely mission-critical environments and are in production with top 10 US banks, hedge funds, service providers, and high performance computing networks.