Welcome to Open Source Optical (OSO) Forum

We’re a user-vendor forum to define and promote OpenFlow-based, merchant-optical networking solutions

OSO’s goal is to spur the adoption of open source optical solutions in the data center and enterprise networks

The Open Source Optical (OSO) Forum is an industry effort promoting solutions that leverage standards-based software and commodity optical technology for connectivity inside and between next-generation data centers. We aim to spur the adoption of open source optical solutions in data center and enterprise networks by providing an “open optical” counterpart to the rapidly growing world of merchant-Ethernet-based SDN.

Optical systems can be as easy to use and deploy as an Ethernet switch under OpenFlow control using OSO software.

Our quest is bold

We love disruption. We are coalescing the optical industry around open source optical solutions to drive the innovation necessary for end-user customers to realize the benefits of more powerful, versatile and power efficient next-generation data centers.

OSO will be focused on data center and enterprise solutions as, among other reasons, data centers are becoming clusters in metro areas and enterprises are running more ultra-high-speed (100Gb/s link) networks. OSO also anticipates folding in long-haul optical solutions under its umbrella over time.

Users and vendors are our initial charter members

Vello, Accelink, CoAdna, CrossFiber, O-Net, PacketLight and Pacnet

But membership will grow to include optical component and system vendors, software companies, channel partners and end-users – all looking to promote the adoption of standards-based, interchangeable, easy-to-use, and power-efficient optical networking technologies into next-generation data centers and cloud environments.

Is this your calling, too?

OSO is important to users who want a simpler and more efficient way of deploying and using optical connectivity solutions within and between data centers with improve price-performance by applying dynamic software control to a flexible, application-independent infrastructure.

And for vendors and suppliers who are – or want to – provide these standards-based solutions to their customers. OSO’s community-supported open source software – part of OpenFlow Version 1.4 – powers a variety of merchant-optical systems. With it, members can
• port OSO software onto their existing optical systems, making them instantly compatible with OpenFlow controller and application frameworks.
• build next-generation Native OpenFlow, enterprise-friendly 10G/40G/100G 1RU “pizza box” optical systems, or other appliances, as their go-to-market solutions

“Specific application of OpenFlow-based SDN to optical components and networks opens up novel opportunities. We look forward to collaborating with the OSO community to understand their requirements and contribute solutions.”

- Dan Pitt, executive director of the Open Networking Foundation