Vello is a Silicon Valley-based company creating transformational open software solutions for both networks and the applications that run on them. Vello solutions uniquely drive network awareness into critical business applications, enabling customers to deploy the most efficient IT estates ever seen while concurrently jump-starting IT innovation through a set of rapid and reliable next-gen service creation capabilities.

Introducing VellOS

VellOS, an open Linux-based networking operating system, is Vello’s base software platform for deploying and managing a suite of network-aware applications and is also used to control a variety of Vello-certified third-party merchant hardware.

VellOS Applications & Ecosystem

VellOS comes with a rich set of easy-to-use APIs for use by third-party vendors and customers alike. Vello’s own innovative Connectivity Exchange, FarSight by Vello, and Mimik by Vello applications are also powered by VellOS.

Vello 3rd party OpenFlow-enabled hardware solutions

Vello supports an open hardware ecosystem of standard merchant silicon-based hardware. Vello's third party-supplied Ethernet and optical switches deliver exceptional performance with significant CapEx savings.