Vello’s disruptive open software solutions, based on VellOS + Connectivity Exchange, represent a completely new design model for the future of application and service delivery for Cloud service providers and their enterprise customers alike. Re-writing the relationship between applications and the underlying networks, Vello software allows the application layer to directly program both inter- and intra-data center links on both merchant Ethernet and merchant Optical switches.

Vello’s standards-based application delivery platform improves IT with automation, visibility, analytics and security.

Network as a Service: bandwidth on demand & differentiated SLAs

Learn how Connectivity Exchange provides application-logic edge routing and global virtual cross connect, allowing you to differentiate your services

Cloud storage with continuous application availability

Learn how Connectivity Exchange enables both active-active data mirroring and Disaster Recovery as a Service using EMC VPLEX, Oracle RAC and VMWare over WAN

BYOB strategy reduces the cost of network infrastructure

Learn about the wide range of third-party Vello-certified switches that can be deployed to meet customers' cost-and-performance requirements.

Today, VellOS predominantly helps organizations solve problems where the WAN and LAN meet – at the edge. WAN links are expensive and notoriously unreliable, and for the IT teams charged with delivering critical applications from end to end, the WAN is typically where things go wrong most often. With VellOS managing the WAN, teams can get the visibility and the bandwidth configuration control that they need to deliver critical business applications reliably from end to end.