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Serum vs Uniswap, the duel of champions: which DEX is the most financially advantageous?

You’re starting to get used to it: a project has already been shaking up the cryptosphere a few weeks ago… Yes, this is Serum, the latest DEX, supported by the shock teams of the giant FTX! And if we talk about it so much, it is because this new kid has nothing to envy the older ones, quite the contrary. How does Serum compare to the historic Uniswap?

A different structure

As we indicated in our presentation article , Serum is an on-chain exchange. The orderbook structure is usually found on centralized marketplaces. Throughout history, this type of interface has proven to be excellent for connecting buyers and sellers and determining the price of an asset. That is why it is the norm today.

In order to make the implementation of a dynamic order book at low cost, Serum has been deployed on the Solana blockchain. Solana is the nerve center of the project. Thanks to this technological base, Serum offers extremely low transaction fees, as well as a speed of execution of transactions less than a second !

Cryptomonnaies Adoption

Uniswap, limited by the Ethereum network, had no other choice than to use AMMs ( Automated Market Makers ). Indeed, hosting a dynamic order book on Ethereum is simply inconceivable in the current state of affairs.

Knowing that each price adjustment requires the solicitation of external data or that each limit order involves an (expensive) transaction, the ideal order book structure loses all its competitiveness on the ETH network.

Who says different structure, says different logic of costs. On Uniswap , you have to pay liquidity providers up to 0.3% of the amount traded + ETH network charges to call the Uniswap contract (ranging from $ 4 to $ 20+ lately)


In order to make this comparison, we will part with an ETH token on both platforms in the same minute, then, try to understand which of the two offers us the most USDT in return.

the Serum order book at the time of the benchmark

Here is the order book of Serum DEX ( Bonfida ) at the time of the comparison, we see that the spread between buyers and sellers is extremely low thanks to the presence of very active market makers on the platform.

We can part with 1 ETH for 622,570 USDT. Of course, the platform must also take its commission. I consider that for the purposes of this demo, we are average users not holding SRM tokens to benefit from reduced fees.

Thus the takers fees are 0.22% on the amount traded (we are here taker ) – We will therefore receive 622,570 x 0.9978 USDT (roughly 622,570 – 622,570 x 0.0022) or 621.20 USDT against 1 ETH , to which are added the transaction fees Solana negligible… (of the order of a few hundredths of a cent of $). It is also possible to calculate the cost if you had done the TX with 1000 SRM in your wallet (0.18%)

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Dieser Bullenmarkt ist anders

Dieser Bullenmarkt ist anders, weil die Leute bereits über Krypto Bescheid wissen, sagt Celsius CEO

Seine Preisprognosen sind jedoch etwas niedriger als die der meisten Spekulanten

Die Google-Suche nach Bitcoin (BTC) scheint heute weit weniger populär zu sein als zu dem Zeitpunkt, als der Vermögenswert im Dezember 2017 sein bisheriges Allzeithoch erreichte.

„2017 drehte sich alles um Hype und Erstnutzer, die wegen FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) versuchten, BTC zu fangen“, sagte Celsius CEO Alex Mashinsky gegenüber Cointelegraph. „Dieses Mal ist es anders“, bemerkte er. „Die Tatsache, dass fast niemand nach BTC sucht“, sagte Mashinsky und verwies auf Daten von Google Trends, „sagt Ihnen, dass jeder bereits weiß, was es ist und wo man bei Bitcoin Proofit Krypto kaufen kann (Cash App oder Paypal)“.

Preisspanne gebunden

Bitcoin hat sich in diesem Jahr in einer Reihe von Bereichen durchgesetzt, darunter PayPal, das auf seiner Plattform Kryptodienste einführt und damit das öffentliche Bewusstsein für die Branche stärkt. Nach mehreren Jahren auf einer Preis-Achterbahn, die an eine bestimmte Preisspanne gebunden war, sagte Mashinsky, Krypto habe seinen gegenwärtigen Makro-Aufwärtstrend etwa zur gleichen Zeit begonnen, als COVID-19 auf den Markt kam – eine Haltung, die auch von TradingViews General Manager Pierce Crosby vertreten wird.

„Ich begann im Februar 2020 von neuen Allzeithochs zu sprechen“, bemerkte Mashinsky und wies anschließend auf sein YouTube-Interview mit Ivan on Tech vom April hin. In dem Interview sagte Mashinsky voraus, dass BTC vor 2021 neue Allzeithochs erreichen würde, und er hatte Recht.

Was zukünftige Preisaktionen bei Bitcoin betrifft, so hat der CEO von Celsius anscheinend eine konservativere Sicht des Potenzials von Bitcoin als eine Reihe anderer Spekulanten, von denen einige im kommenden Jahr Projektpreise von 100.000 Dollar oder mehr erzielen werden. „Wir werden 15 bis 16.000 $ erneut testen, bevor wir gegen Mitte oder in der zweiten Hälfte des Jahres 2021 30.000 $ erreichen“, sagte er. „Es gibt immer noch weniger Angebot und mehr Nachfrage, daher hat der Bitcoin-Preis mehr mit dem zu tun, was die Wirtschaft, COVID-19 und der USD tun, als mit dem, was Bitcoin tut.

Nach einer kurzen Rückführung auf 16.200 USD ist Bitcoin wieder in den Bereich von 19.000 USD vorgedrungen.

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Lithuania obtains $ 7.6 million thanks to confiscated cryptos

Lithuania recently sold seized cryptos for $ 7.6 million.

The country’s tax authorities said the tokens were confiscated by law enforcement earlier in the year.

Government agencies around the world sell crypto recovered from criminals.

The Lithuanian government earned 6.4 million euros (~ $ 7.6 million) from the sale of bitcoin (BTC) and other crypto tokens seized by law enforcement authorities.

State agencies continue to auction confiscated cryptocurrencies obtained from various law enforcement actions against criminal organizations.

Lithuania STI Raises $ 7.6 Million Through Crypto Sales

In an official announcement released on November 24, Lithuania’s National Tax Inspectorate (STI) revealed that it had recently sold $ 7.6 million worth of cryptos. According to the circular, the cryptos involved in the sale were bitcoin, ethereum (ETH) and privacy monero (XMR).

As part of that statement, the STI revealed that the cryptos sold were confiscated by law enforcement in February. As previously reported by BeInCrypto, Lithuanian authorities are monitoring crypto transactions in the country as part of anti-money laundering efforts.

The STI did not, however, provide details on the exact source of the seized cryptocurrencies. Commenting on the sale, STI noted:

„The whole process was new for the tax administrator, from taking control of the confiscated cryptocurrencies to their completion.“

To prepare for the sale, STI reportedly created a crypto wallet. For Irina Gavrilova, director of STI’s non-payments administration department, the lessons learned from the process will also help the tax administration to quickly dispose of seized cryptocurrencies in the future.

Timing is everything

With the coins seized in February, the decision to proceed with the sale in November earned the Lithuanian government a higher value. Bitcoin, ethereum, and monero are currently worth much more than they were at the start of the year, with the crypto market experiencing significant bullish momentum.

Indeed, the US government missed a potential windfall of $ 1.65 billion by selling cryptos seized too early. Companies such as Chainalysis, the blockchain intelligence firm, now offer cryptocurrency asset realization services to help authorities manage and liquidate seized cryptos.

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Chainalysis becomes next blockchain unicorn after raising USD 100 million

Blockchain analysis company and data provider Chainalysis could achieve unicorn status this week. Indeed, Chainalysis has raised USD 100 million in venture capital, which could give the company a Immediate Bitcoin valuation of USD 1 billion.

A unicorn is the financial term for a start-up worth more than USD 1 billion. Well-known unicorns are companies such as Bytedance, SpaceX and Airbnb.

100 million dollars
On 20 November the CEO of Chainalysis Michael Gronager was interviewed by Forbes. Gronager expects to announce the Series C financing round this week. The venture capital company Addition led the deal. According to Forbes, Accel, Benchmark and Ribbit, who previously invested in Chainalysis, are expected to play a role in the investment.

Chainalysis has more than 350 customers, including public and private companies. The company assisted in a high-profile US Department of Justice case in October. The US Justice Department announced that, with Chainalysis’s help, it seized nearly 70,000 bitcoins from a hacker who had stolen them from the Silk Road black market.

Cooperation with the Justice Department
In July 2020, Justice announced the roll-out of three cyber-terrorist financing campaigns, using Chainalysis. These campaigns funded terrorists involving al-Qassam brigades, the military bodies of Hamas, al-Qaeda and the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIS).

Forbes noted that the Series C round followed an extensive Series B investment in July 2020. During the $49 million round, Sigal Mandelker officially became a member of the Chainalysis Board of Advisors. Mandelker previously worked in the government of Donald Trump as undersecretary for terrorism and financial intelligence.

Expanding globally
With the new money, Chainalysis wants to expand globally and work better with governments. Part of the Serie B round was designed to increase the number of the company’s employees to more than 300, and the number of customers is also growing rapidly. At the time of the Series B round, Chainalysis had 295 customers, which is already 350.

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Bitcoin est en première place contre les géants des services financiers

Bitcoin a montré qu’elle a le pouvoir d’ajouter et de conserver de la valeur plus rapidement que la plupart des actifs considérés comme une réserve de valeur.
Ran Neuner a fait l’évaluation qui a couronné la monnaie numérique en tant que chef de file.
En seulement 12 ans, la pièce a réussi à être la première réserve de valeur parmi trois des quatre géants.

Bitcoin est en tête face aux géants des services financiers
La pièce a montré qu’elle a le pouvoir d’ajouter et de conserver de la valeur plus rapidement que la plupart des actifs considérés comme une réserve de valeur. Certaines légendes du secteur ont décidé que la capacité de la monnaie numérique surpassait celle de la plupart des grandes entreprises.

Ran Neuner a fait l’évaluation qui a couronné la pièce comme en tête. Il a comparé la monnaie numérique à la Bank of America, à JP Morgan Chase, à la Citibank et à Wells Fargo, des légendes financières qui existent depuis 60 ans avant la pièce.

En 12 ans seulement, la pièce est parvenue à être le premier stockeur de valeur parmi trois des quatre géants. JPMorgan (JPM) a pris la première place, mais compte tenu de l’efficacité de la monnaie numérique en si peu de temps, elle est le premier remplisseur de positions.

Les élections américaines : Le sénateur du Wyoming est un fan de Bitcoin
Les autorités de Belfast se préparent à mettre aux enchères 47 bitcoins et de l’or
L’intérêt ouvert pour les contrats à terme de Bitcoin Trader atteint presque 5,4 milliards de dollars
Turquie L’inflation atteint un sommet alors que Bitcoin grimpe

Le JPM sera dépassé par Bitcoin

Le JPM n’est qu’à quelques pas de la pièce de 41 milliards de dollars. La maturation des prix de la monnaie numérique ne cesse d’augmenter, de sorte que la pièce pourrait facilement prendre le dessus sur le JPM.

Il convient de prendre en considération les effets de facteurs tels que la volatilité et l’adoption, qui ont augmenté au fil des ans.

Les investisseurs de Bitcoin

En raison de la récession, Bitcoin a vu le nombre d’investisseurs le préférant aux autres augmenter. Le monde entier a également connu un essor de la cryptographie, qui a fait monter le prix des pièces.

L’offre de Bitcoin a également augmenté car les mineurs sont devenus plus productifs et disposent d’une plus grande marge de manœuvre. JPM n’ignore pas le succès de Bitcoin et le partage en acceptant la pièce dans ses systèmes bancaires.

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Les actifs numériques battent les actifs traditionnels par une large marge et Ethereum surpasse Bitcoin

Les progrès incroyables d’Ethereum cette année font qu’il est difficile d’être à court d’ETH.

En 2020 à ce jour, Bitcoin a enregistré une performance positive de 80 % et Ethereum de 217 %.

Avec ces gains, les devises numériques sont en tête cette année, les deux principaux actifs numériques surpassant les classes d’actifs traditionnelles, cela aussi par une large marge.

Il est clair que l’éther a bénéficié de performances bien supérieures à celles de Bitcoin, et hier encore, il a également rattrapé la dernière avancée de BTC. L’ETH est passé à 420 dollars et ne se négocie actuellement qu’à ce niveau.

Le prix réalisé de l’éther, le prix moyen de chaque ETH au moment de son dernier mouvement sur la chaîne, a en fait atteint un sommet sur 21 mois, à 246 $, un niveau jamais vu depuis janvier 2019. Au cours des six derniers mois, il a augmenté de 21 %.

Selon un négociant en valeurs mobilières, la baisse bénigne du réseau, qui est le centre de l’espace en pleine croissance des DeFi et des pièces de monnaie stables, n’a tout simplement pas de sens.

„Je comprends que l’ETH ne soit pas long, mais je ne comprends pas pourquoi quelqu’un serait à court d’ETH contre ce qui est pour moi le plus important changement de protocole et d’incitation symbolique depuis le début d’Ethereum en 2014“, a déclaré Qiao Wang.

C’est en raison de la folle croissance de DeFi et de stablecoins cette année, qui a vu Ethereum battre Bitcoin non seulement en termes de prix mais aussi de volume de transactions, puisqu’il a effectué deux fois plus de transactions en valeur que BTC quotidiennement.

„Les progrès d’Ethereum ont été si incroyables qu’elle deviendra probablement la première chaîne de magasins publics à régler 1 000 milliards de dollars par an“, a déclaré Ryan Watkins, chercheur chez Messari.
Transactions quotidiennes entre l’ETH et la CTB

Une grande partie de cette activité croissante est due aux stabilcoins, en particulier l’ERC-20 USDT, Tether faisant à lui seul plus de volume quotidien, presque le double, que Bitcoin.

En ce qui concerne le DeFi, les phénomènes d’agriculture de rendement et les échanges décentralisés (DEX) jouent un grand rôle. Les DEX représentent aujourd’hui 13,6 % des volumes totaux de l’ensemble des bourses (CEX+DEX). Uniswap et Curve ont réalisé un volume combiné de plus de 20 milliards de dollars le mois dernier, ce qui a entraîné un boom des liquidités sur la chaîne d’Ethereum.

Cependant, Ethereum devenant l'“épicentre de la crypto-finance“, il se fait au prix de frais extrêmement élevés qui pénalisent les utilisateurs de détail et qui poussent certaines applications à se retirer également.

Et cela permet aux plates-formes alternatives de gagner en attention et en adoption. Selon M. Messari, 5 alternatives de couche 1 ont permis de récolter 138 millions de dollars sur le trimestre.

„Les 12 prochains mois pourraient définir le marché des contrats intelligents, car presque tous les concurrents de premier plan d’Ethereum seront en ligne d’ici la fin de l’année. Et ces réseaux s’acheminent vers une bataille frontale avec les nombreuses solutions de dimensionnement de couche 2 d’Ethereum“, a déclaré Wilson Withiam de Messari.

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Companies that issue ‚Bitcoin cards‘ will be regulated by the Central Bank, a measure that affects all Payment Institutions

Companies that act as Payment Institutions will have to request authorization to the Central Bank of Brazil, a measure that may slow down innovation in the country
Companies that issue ‚Bitcoin cards‘ will be regulated by the Central Bank, a measure that affects all Payment Institutions

The Central Bank of Brazil published Resolution BCB No. 24 on this fifth issue (22), which requires, among other things, that all „electronic money issuers“ be authorized by the Central Bank.

‚The guy puts a R$200 bill up his ass with Cryptosoft,‘ says former Central Bank President about money laundering

In this way, fintechs and companies that issue prepaid cards that can be loaded with Reais or Bitcoins will be regulated by the Central Bank.

„The resolution brings the requirement that, as of March 2021, payment institutions issuing electronic money will be previously authorized by the Central Bank to operate,“ highlighted a statement from the Central Bank.

However, not all companies issuing „electronic money“ will be regulated until 2021.

According to the Central Bank’s publication, there will be a „staggered“ period for companies to request authorization.

„Art. 6-A. The payment institution must request authorization from the Central Bank of Brazil to begin providing payment services:

I – in the modality of payment transaction initiator, observing the provisions of Art. 11-A; and

II – as from March 1, 2021, in the electronic money issuer modality“. (NR)

„Art. 6-B. The payment institution that, on March 1, 2021, renders service in the modality of electronic money issuer and is not authorized by the Central Bank of Brazil must request authorization to operate:

I – if it reaches, by December 31, 2021, financial movements exceeding at least one of the following amounts:

a) R$500,000,000.00 (five hundred million reais) in payment transactions; or

b) R$50,000,000.00 (fifty million reais) in resources kept in prepaid payment account;

II – if financial movements in excess of at least one of the following amounts are achieved between January 1, 2022 and December 31, 2022:

a) R$300,000,000.00 (three hundred million reais) in payment transactions; or

b) R$30,000,000.00 (thirty million reais) in resources kept in a prepaid payment account; and

III – from January 1, 2023 to June 30, 2023, if it does not reach the financial movements established in clauses I and II of the caput“ stresses the Resolution.

The new Central Bank Resolution may directly affect cryptomoeda companies in Brazil that operate with the modality.

What was it like before?

Before the publication of the new Resolution, only institutions with transactions in excess of R$ 500 million in payment transactions needed Central Bank authorization; or R$ 50 million in funds held in a prepaid payment account.

Central Bank approves and Bitcoin is ‚integrated‘ with Pix with Z.Ro Bank and Atar

During the request process to the Central Bank the payment institutions must maintain at least a paid-in capital of R$ 1 million.

„Art. 30. The payment institution authorized to operate by the Central Bank of Brazil must pay in and maintain a minimum capital of:

I – R$2,000,000.00 (two million reais), for each one of the modalities foreseen in clauses I to III of art. 4; and

II – R$1,000,000.00 (one million reais), for the modality foreseen in item IV of art. 4″.

According to the Central Bank, the new rule aims to reduce the risks associated with the modality.

„In addition, an amendment was approved in Circular 3681, of 2013, to adjust the risk management structure and establish capital requirements to cover the risks associated with the provision of payment initiation services. With the change, the operational risk management structure should identify, monitor and control failures in the initiation of payment transactions, segregating the occurrences in: (i) unauthorized initiation, (ii) non-execution of initiation, (iii) incorrect execution, and (iv) delay in initiation“.

Payment Institution

The Central Bank Resolution is focused on establishing new rules for payment institutions targeting the opportunities of Pix and Open Bankng.

Thus, the Central Bank approved with the Resolution the constitution of a new payment institution modality, called payment transaction initiator.

This new payment institution has as its main activity the initiation of payment transactions without participating in the financial flow. This service consists of the initiation of a payment transaction ordered by the end user, in relation to a deposit or payment account, commanded by an institution that does not hold the account.


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„ Tous “ les fonctionnaires russes ont dit de déclarer leurs avoirs cryptographiques

Les fonctionnaires russes seront obligés de déclarer la quantité de crypto qu’ils possèdent, a déclaré le bureau du procureur général du pays .

Par communiqué officiel, le procureur général a introduit les modifications conformément à la première loi sur la cryptographie du pays, qui a été approuvée plus tôt cette année et promulguée le 1er janvier 2021

Bien que certains pensent que la loi n’est qu’un simple « glossaire de termes » et un précurseur d’un projet de loi plus complet qui est toujours en cours d’élaboration, la nouvelle loi interdira les paiements en crypto-actifs et donnera une assise juridique à l’industrie de la cryptographie.

En tant que tel, le procureur général Bitcoin Era a déclaré hier que les crypto-actifs auront bientôt le même type de «droits de propriété» que les autres classes d’actifs, tels que l’immobilier, les véhicules et les valeurs mobilières – et doivent donc être déclarés.

Krasnov a ajouté que tous les fonctionnaires seront obligés de déclarer leurs avoirs en crypto-actifs à partir de 2021, la cryptographie devant être considérée «sur un pied d’égalité avec les autres actifs»

En vertu de la loi russe, les agents publics qui dissimulent ou fournissent des informations incomplètes ou trompeuses sur leurs revenus et avoirs peuvent être poursuivis par le pouvoir judiciaire en vertu des réglementations anti-corruption.

Au cours des trois dernières années, le bureau du procureur général a déclaré qu’il avait saisi ou confisqué 441 millions de dollars d’actifs non divulgués à des fonctionnaires qui avaient tenté de cacher leurs gains.

Le bureau n’a pas révélé comment il identifierait les contrevenants potentiels, mais des solutions telles qu’une plate-forme de désanonymisation crypto développée par le Service fédéral de surveillance financière (connue localement sous le nom de Rosfinmonitoring ), dont les détails ont été révélés plus tôt cette année, pourraient bien jouer un rôle.

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  • I tori e gli orsi di Bitcoin sono attualmente impegnati in un’accesa battaglia per il controllo di 10.000 dollari, e questo livello cruciale è probabilmente l’unico fattore che determina le sue prospettive a breve termine.
  • Gli analisti stanno notando che la reazione finale a questo livello fornirà probabilmente a BTC una guida seria, in quanto una mancata tenuta al di sopra di esso potrebbe innescare una profonda tendenza al ribasso.
  • BTC si sta anche avvicinando ad un livello tecnico chiave che i tori devono cercare di difendere ardentemente – la sua media mobile di 200 giorni
  • Questo livello è di poco inferiore ai 10.000 dollari, e la sua mancata osservanza potrebbe avere conseguenze disastrose.
  • Un analista ritiene che potrebbe scendere fino a 8.100 dollari se supera questo livello

La Bitcoin ha sperimentato un’immensa turbolenza negli ultimi giorni, con i compratori che hanno tentato di trattenerla oltre i 10.000 dollari mentre la pressione di vendita comincia a crescere.

Questo ha fatto poco per offrire chiarezza nelle sue prospettive a medio termine, ma suggerisce che qualche grave svantaggio potrebbe essere imminente nel prossimo futuro.

Dove andrà a finire potrebbe dipendere in gran parte dalla sua continua risposta a 10.000 dollari, dato che il suo prezzo ha oscillato al di sopra e al di sotto di questo livello cruciale nel corso degli ultimi giorni.

Una pausa prolungata al di sotto di questo livello potrebbe colpire la sua struttura di mercato, costringendolo anche al di sotto della sua media mobile di 200 giorni.

Un analista ritiene che questo aprirà i cancelli per un movimento verso il basso verso gli 8.100 dollari a breve termine.


In precedenza, i venditori hanno tentato di invalidare la forza Bitcoin Era ha mostrato circa 10.000 dollari, portando il prezzo della criptovaluta a scivolare verso i 9.900 dollari.

Questo livello ha dimostrato di essere un forte sostegno in più occasioni negli ultimi giorni, e questa volta non è stato diverso.

Se i tori sono in grado di continuare a difendere ardentemente il supporto sono tra i 9.900 e i 10.000 dollari che è stato stabilito nel corso degli ultimi giorni, c’è una forte possibilità che BTC salga più in alto nel breve termine.


Parlando dell’importanza di 10.000 dollari, un analista ha osservato che una pausa prolungata al di sotto di questo livello – insieme ad una pausa al di sotto della media mobile di 200 giorni di BTC – potrebbe causare un calo significativamente più basso.

Egli ritiene addirittura che un passaggio a 8.100 dollari sia nelle carte.

„Se 10k e il 200EMA non tiene, sembra 8,1k“, ha spiegato.

Le ore e i giorni a venire dovrebbero continuare ad offrire spunti significativi sulla forza di 10.000 dollari come livello di supporto Bitcoin.

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Ether (ETH): falling price attracts whales

Faced with the sharp drop in Bitcoin (BTC) and altcoins over the weekend, one category of investors was not scared: the whales. These took advantage of the stampede to massively amass ETH. Is this a good sign for the asset?

This weekend’s bloodshed saw Bitcoin Billionaire hit $ 10,000 , and altcoins unanimously plummet. ETH in particular suffered, abruptly losing 37 % of its value :

Ether ETH Ethereum drops in price

Its market cap exceeded 54 billion dollars on September 1, and it reached 36 billion dollars yesterday. On the morning of September 7, the price of ETH recovered slightly, and is currently showing $ 354 . However, this corresponds to a drop of -19.4% over the last seven days.

The whales hunt ETH in the midst of debacle

But as analyst Ali Martinez reports, this fall has attracted particularly greedy predators: the whales. The latter poured in as ETH plummeted :

“ The Santiment [Ether] holder distribution chart shows that as [ETH] was dropping, there was a spike in the number of addresses containing millions of dollars in ETH , commonly called whales. “

Over the past 3 days, nearly 70 whales have joined the network: they hold between 1,000 and 10,000 ETH

This of course shows the confidence of the “ big ” investors, who choose to source Ether when the price drops. The incredible breakthrough of DeFi and the rise in the price of BTC have both seen ETH soar since the start of the summer . Over the last twelve months, the price has taken + 103%. If the decentralized finance sector continues to consolidate, this will only confirm Ethereum’s place.

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