With more people than ever before trading cryptocurrency, a variety of trading robots are being launched which aim to simplify the process of investing. Because of the many choices, it is difficult to decide the best one however Bitcode AI seems to stand above the rest.

Bitcode AI

In this Review of Bitcode AI will provide you with the essential information you need about the robot, including its costs and features before demonstrating how to start using the robot immediately – and all within a few minutes.

Bitcode AI Summary

Minimum Deposit EUR250
Claimed Success Rate N/A
Supported Cryptocurrencies 20+
Mobile App? No


What is Bitcode AI?

Put in a nutshell, Bitcode AI is one of the most effective Bitcoin robots for automatizing the process of investing. As with other trading robots Bitcoin AI is a specially-designed software that makes trades on an investor’s behalf. The program promises detect trade opportunities using AI-powered software. This removes the requirement that investors conduct their own research prior to making a decision.

Bitcode AI’s web-based platform is designed with beginners in mind, which means that this trading robot does not require prior trading experience. The robot is said to employ exclusive strategies based on ‚Big Data‘ in order to guarantee an extremely high level of precision when it comes to its trade suggestions. The only thing required of the client is the 250 EUR ($274) minimum amount of money, because Bitcode AI is entirely free to download.

Also, Bitcode AI also allows users to leverage. As stated on the Bitcode AI website it is able to use as high as 5000:1 leverage which is far more than many cryptocurrency exchanges. While this could dramatically increase the profits of a business, it also can cause more substantial losses, which is why it’s only advised for traders with experience.

We weren’t able to verify all assertions made on Bitcoin AI’s website, therefore we advise doing your own investigation prior to using this service, as we do with various Bitcoin trading bots, such as Bitcoin Era or Bitcoin Loophole.

Bitcode AI Pros & Cons


  • Download and use for free
  • Uses more than 20 cryptocurrency
  • Utilizes AI-powered strategies
  • No prior trading experience is needed.
  • The minimum deposit amount is 250 euros.


  • No mobile app
  • The rate of success is not known.

How Does Bitcode AI Work?

As an automated trading system, Bitcode AI can purchase Bitcoin (and different cryptocurrency) for you. After you’ve installed and downloaded Bitcode AI, its advanced algorithms will search the market for potential trading opportunities. These opportunities are guided by Bitcode AI’s inbuilt strategies, and are believed to be highly effective.

If a trading opportunity is identified, Bitcode AI says it will immediately initiate an order for you. Based on Bitcode AI’s website Bitcode AI website it can be 0.01 secs ahead of market prices. This means that customers will always get the most competitive price for entry.

Once a trade has been placed, Bitcode AI will automatically check the trade and close it at the right time. This eliminates human-based biases in the process of trading and ensures that the highest amount of profits are made with every trade. After the trade is completed the winnings are transferred into your account, from where they can be taken out or invested.

Is Bitcode AI Legit?

Before you decide to invest on Bitcoin (or another cryptocurrency) by using a trading robot It is important to confirm that the robot is genuine. In our investigation to write the Bitcode AI review, we noticed that the site displays numerous testimonials from customers who are happy. These reviews are positive, but they are not confirmed by a third-party platform.

There’s no stated percentage of success in Bitcode AI’s website. Bitcode AI website, although it does reference the possibility that the chances of making a profit are „very high‘. In general however, we’re not able to determine Bitcode AI’s authenticity without absolute certainty, which is why it is recommended to conduct your own research before making a decision to partner with the machine.

Bitcode AI Key Features

Once you’ve got an understanding of the basics of what Bitcode AI can do and exactly how it functions Let’s get into it and have a look at some of the capabilities of the robot:

AI-Powered Strategies

Bitcode AI’s trading algorithms are highly effective and examine markets more quickly than humans. Because of this, trading potentials are discovered at an ideal time, which results in higher profits.

Broker Partnerships

Like Bitcoin Profit, which is similar to Bitcoin Profit trading bot, Bitcode AI has partnered with several brokers to make trades easier. The platform claims that their partners are authorized by CySEC.

Free to Use

It is worth noting that the Bitcode AI software is entirely available for use at no cost, there are no registration fees nor monthly fees for accounts. Additionally, the minimum investment is just EUR250, which makes it ideal for investors who are just beginning their journey.

Fast Trading

According to the Bitcode AI website states that the trading bot has the ability to execute sophisticated trading strategies quick, and can trade and exit within a time of not lower that 0.01 milliseconds.

Trade Multiple Coins at Once

While many crypto bots can only offer Bitcoin, Bitcode AI claims that it can allow users to trade many popular cryptos at the same time including BTC, ETH and other exotic coins.


In the end, Bitcode AI claims it can leverage as much as 5000:1 leverage, while using the same successful strategies. Human bias is bound to occur when dealing with manual leverage, but that’s not an issue for Bitcode AI.

Bitcode AI Fees

If you’re planning to invest in the most popular altcoins that use Bitcode AI, it is advisable to take into consideration the robot’s costs. Fortunately, this bot does not have any fees for trading to take into consideration. On the Bitcode AI website notes that there aren’t any hidden charges and the platform is free to sign-up for.

In the end it’s one of the top features that we discovered during this Bitcode AI review, as it ensures that trading is as cost-effective as is possible. One thing you should remember is that any broker Bitcode AI utilizes may use their own spread when it comes to facilitating trades, but this will be contingent on their platform.

Account Opening Fee No
Commissions No
Inactivity Fee No
Monthly Account Fee No
Additional Charges No

Is Bitcode AI a Scam?

Based on the information provided up to this point is it possible that Bitcode AI be considered a fraud? Since the site doesn’t provide any authentic customer testimonials or trade results it’s difficult to conclude.

A simple search on the web will reveal a number of Bitcode AI reviews that give the trading robot a favourable rating. In addition, social media platforms like Reddit are also aware of Bitcode AI, highlighting that retail traders have utilized the software. It’s difficult to assess the robot’s degree of credibility, therefore it’s best to conduct your own research about the matter.

Bitcode AI Minimum Deposit

As mentioned previously as mentioned earlier, as mentioned earlier, Bitcode AI minimum deposit is just EUR250. This amount is required by the robot to execute its trading strategies in a way that allows it to earn substantial profits.

Bitcode AI’s Bitcode AI website doesn’t state any specific methods of deposit options. However most robotics for trading accept credit/debit card as well as bank transfer deposits, therefore these payment options are ones most likely to accept.

Bitcode AI Customer Support

In addition, Bitcode AI has a dedicated customer support department, with real-time support. The customer care department is supposed to be available 24 hours a day, which means traders are able to receive the support they need.

Additionally, the Bitcode AI website has a separate FAQs section on the bottom that offers quick solutions to a variety of frequently asked questions.

How to Use Bitcode AI

In the final part of the Bitcode AI review, let’s examine the sign-up procedure. Here are three easy steps you’ll need to complete to start with Bitcode AI today – all within a few minutes.

Step 1 – Create a Bitcode AI Account

To join Bitcode AI, head to the website of the robot and type in your name as well as your email address and telephone number to sign up for an account. Then, you will be sent an email to confirm the email you have entered by clicking on the link.

Step 2 – Make a Deposit

After you’ve registered after registering, you’ll be able access Bitcode AI’s website-based platform. The next step is to deposit funds (minimum EUR250), which will enable the robot to trade on the crypto market in a streamlined manner.

Step 3 – Start Trading

In the end, you can go the settings of your accounts and change the parameters of your robot to fit your needs and your risk tolerance. You can modify the leverage ratio, as well as the trading schedule, as well as other options. After you’re happy with your settings, you can start trading live, and the robot will begin searching for opportunities.

The Verdict

In short the Bitcode AI review has taken an in-depth look at its trading software and its capabilities that highlight how it functions and the steps you have to take to get started today. But it’s hard to find reliable information about cryptocurrency trading bot software that is proprietary.