Blockchain analysis company and data provider Chainalysis could achieve unicorn status this week. Indeed, Chainalysis has raised USD 100 million in venture capital, which could give the company a Immediate Bitcoin valuation of USD 1 billion.

A unicorn is the financial term for a start-up worth more than USD 1 billion. Well-known unicorns are companies such as Bytedance, SpaceX and Airbnb.

100 million dollars
On 20 November the CEO of Chainalysis Michael Gronager was interviewed by Forbes. Gronager expects to announce the Series C financing round this week. The venture capital company Addition led the deal. According to Forbes, Accel, Benchmark and Ribbit, who previously invested in Chainalysis, are expected to play a role in the investment.

Chainalysis has more than 350 customers, including public and private companies. The company assisted in a high-profile US Department of Justice case in October. The US Justice Department announced that, with Chainalysis’s help, it seized nearly 70,000 bitcoins from a hacker who had stolen them from the Silk Road black market.

Cooperation with the Justice Department
In July 2020, Justice announced the roll-out of three cyber-terrorist financing campaigns, using Chainalysis. These campaigns funded terrorists involving al-Qassam brigades, the military bodies of Hamas, al-Qaeda and the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIS).

Forbes noted that the Series C round followed an extensive Series B investment in July 2020. During the $49 million round, Sigal Mandelker officially became a member of the Chainalysis Board of Advisors. Mandelker previously worked in the government of Donald Trump as undersecretary for terrorism and financial intelligence.

Expanding globally
With the new money, Chainalysis wants to expand globally and work better with governments. Part of the Serie B round was designed to increase the number of the company’s employees to more than 300, and the number of customers is also growing rapidly. At the time of the Series B round, Chainalysis had 295 customers, which is already 350.