It is an election year in the United States and it is felt in every country in the world. The closer the election that will pit Donald Trump and Joe Biden against each other for the presidency of the United States, the greater the expectation at home and abroad. However, there is a sector that is not very impressed by the result of November’s election, because as Anthony Pompliano commented in today’s Tweet, for Crypto Comeback Pro it doesn’t matter who is President of the United States:

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Bitcoin and the U.S. Presidency
The last four years have not been at all normal. Since Donald Trump became President of the United States, not a single month has passed without the actions of such an unusual President generating headlines around the world. Not only because of his already accustomed inflammatory speech, but because of the often erratic actions he has taken both inside and outside the United States.

Therefore, for many, the November presidential election is an opportunity to return to normalcy by electing an American status quo man like Joe Biden to replace Donald Trump in the White House. A confrontation that has taken the levels of polarization in American society to peaks not seen in decades.

However, not everyone is concerned about the outcome of the American elections. In fact, for most of the crypto community, who will be elected as President of the United States in a few months‘ time seems to be a rather irrelevant fact, which ultimately will not affect cryptosystems like Bitcoin, as Anthony Pompliano has commented on Twitter.

„Bitcoin doesn’t care who the President is.“

Although this message is certainly an exaggeration, at the end of the day the political leadership of the United States has enormous influence on the way Bitcoin operates. The truth is that it reflects an undeniable reality of cryptomonies: virtual currencies do not belong to a single nation, and therefore their future will not be decided in any national election.